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Donation Maximization

Idaho Public TV Realizes 254% ROI with ExactAsk

IPTV is a statewide, non-commercial broadcast telecommunication system and media provider
based in the capital city of Boise. Their mission is to harness the power of public media to
encourage lifelong learning, connect communities, and enrich the lives of all Idahoans.


IPTV set out to maximize their direct response fundraising campaigns without drastically changing their existing systems, business rules, or processes. Their fundraising team was unsure how to increase the value of their existing donor base without harming the long-term relationships they had established with many contributors. While their overall fundraising programs were strong, email campaigns
were not nearly as fruitful as initially anticipated. As a result, after evaluating the social makeup of their donor list, IPTV felt that direct mail offered the strongest opportunity to make a significant impact on future revenue.


After evaluating several options, Idaho Public TV elected to partner with Arjuna Solutions Inc. to pilot the ExactAsk A.I. Service in their direct mail fundraising campaigns. Arjuna’s ExactAsk A.I. Service enabled IPTV to substantially increase overall giving through dynamically personalized gift array values that are continuously optimized at the moment of solicitation. IPTV was able to realize the benefits of using Arjuna’s advanced A.I. modeling services without changing existing systems, practices, processes or hiring and training specialized personnel.


The adoption of ExactAsk significantly improved the funding IPTV received from their direct mail campaigns without changing their existing business rules, systems, personnel, or fundraising practices. After a few months of including Arjuna’s optimized gift array values, IPTV was able to see clear results from their direct mail campaign. This experience proved that there was more value to be realized from their existing donor pool. The ExactAsk A.I. service was able to deliver these results while maintaining consistent or higher participation rates among donors solicited.


"ExactAsk helped us realize there was additional revenue to be gained annually by leveraging our data more effectively... enabling $35,003 worth to be precise. Combine that with a 254% ROI and we can’t wait to incorporate ExactAsk into all of our campaigns.

- Teena Wright, Annual Giving Director, Idaho Public TV


Idaho Public TV realized a return of $3.54 for every $1 invested



IPTV’s goal of realizing the optimal portion of their donors’ lifetime value was successfully achieved by incorporating the dynamically personalized gift arrays received from Arjuna’s ExactAsk A.I. service. IPTV’s development team now has a better understanding of their donor base and their complete willingness to support its mission. They immediately increased their current donations and enhanced their donor relationships for years to come.


"I continue to work with Arjuna Solutions on all of our direct mail campaigns and have consistently seen a higher ROI and an increase in donor lifetime value with each campaign...Working smarter, not harder."

- Teena Wright, Annual Giving Director, Idaho Public TV


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