Our Vision

To advance innovative technologies that optimize fundraising, enabling nonprofit organizations to realize the most expansive version of their missions.

How We Optimize Fundraising

  • What if you could engage each individual donor like a major donor?
  • What if you could increase donor lifetime value?
  • What if you had access to deep insights on donor sentiment, motivation, timing, and impact of giving—with no extra staff or system changes?
  • What if you could lower costs while raising revenue?

Imagine if you could gain access to these insights in an economically viable, timely, precise manner for each individual donor—no matter their level of giving.

That is what we do. Arjuna Solutions provides Behavioral Economics Modeling through A.I. Services that optimize lifetime giving while lowering the cost per dollar raised.

How We Can Help

Watch Michael Gorriarán, President of Arjuna Solutions, deliver his keynote at the ANA Conference in Chicago to learn more about Arjuna and our positive impact on nonprofit fundraising.


Our Core Values



We believe in listening, learning and working hand-in-hand with your team toward your greatest long-term success. We’re always fully transparent and hope you find us down-to-earth.



Arjuna’s dedication to our nonprofit clients means that we place your needs and delivering value to you above all else. We always challenge ourselves to improve in every way in this pursuit.



With deep backgrounds in the math and the science of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Economics, we demand the highest levels of precision, insight and performance



Making things easy for you is the outcome of mastering the complexities of A.I. technology through elegant formulas and simple processes. We even make the business end of things simple too.

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of advanced technology and services professionals, passionate about making society better by uncovering fundamental truths in donor behavior.  We are driven by the joy of creating advanced, yet simple-to-use A.I. services to help nonprofits realize the most complete version of their missions.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We strive to make Arjuna a place where visionaries from all walks of life, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and race can realize their full potential.  Individuals who want to make a big bet on themselves, and witness the impact of their legacies as force multipliers across the industry.  We are collaborative, collegial, team-oriented, innovative, and fundamentally have a growth orientation.  We win or lose together...always. 

Contact Information

Arjuna Solutions 
712 H Street NE Unit #922
Washington DC 20002
Phone: 1-855-408-1313