Identifying the right donor for legacy giving.

Targeted. Optimized. Planned Giving.



Whom to ask for the future?

Planned giving enables nonprofits to stabilize their long term financial foundations and provide donors with a way to create meaningful legacies.

ExactLegacy solves your problems of selecting mid-level donors to approach for a legacy gift and optimizing the ask amount to encourage them to rise above their typical giving level and maximize their lifetime impact.

The ExactLegacy difference

Optimizing Donor Lifetime Value (DLV) is key in any giving relationship. Asking too much can diminish a donor’s long term giving and asking too little forgoes deeper engagement. ExactLegacy measures donor sentiment in real time by using Arjuna’s patented Behavioral Economics Modeling AI (BEM-Ai) services, enabling you to secure a donor's optimal legacy gift.




Discover how ExactLegacy can advance your planned giving

  • Leverage donor sentiment and legacy giving signals embedded in your own data
  • Utilize the power of BEM-Ai services to find mid-level donors amenable to planned giving
  • BEM-Ai services are simple to adopt, and do not require any capital costs, technology deployment, licensing fees, maintenance expenses, set-up fees, or specialized hiring and training
  • Clients typically begin using BEM-Ai modeling services within a few days, without disrupting existing fundraising practices, systems, or relationships with fundraising partners