Giving Smarter: Triple the Impact of your philanthropy by donating Arjuna Solutions’ services

Donate Arjuna's patented A.I. Donor Modeling Services to the causes you support and multiply the impact of your giving.

How can I Give Smarter?

The vexing challenge facing philanthropy today is that while donations are at an all-time high, they cannot keep pace with societal needs. Nonprofits that house, feed, educate, and provide healthcare services to those in need lack adequate financial resources to fully achieve their missions. The gap between societal needs and the resources available for nonprofit organizations continues to expand. 

Our mission at Arjuna Solutions is to enable nonprofits to close that gap by providing them with financial resources needed to expand their missions. We achieve this by connecting philanthropists with opportunities to multiply the impact of their existing giving by donating Arjuna’s A.I. services to enhance fundraising performance. It’s Giving Smarter. The compelling improvement in giving and return on investment that Arjuna provides nonprofit organizations, enables them to realize an average of $3 for every $1 invested.

A Win/Win Scenario for the Donor and the Nonprofit.

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The Power of Multiplying the Impact of Your Giving

Philanthropists Do Not Need to Increase Giving:

  • Imagine your gift funding three disease research programs instead of one...
  • Imagine providing a safe and supportive place for triple the number of kids to go after school...
  • Imagine helping to lift 3x as many families out of poverty...

Donating Arjuna’s A.I. modeling services makes all this possible with your existing giving. It’s Giving Smarter.

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“As a donor, if I give $100,000, the nonprofit gets $100,000 that they can deploy into programs. But if I give them $100,000 of Arjuna services, they can turn that into $300,000 for programs. I’ve not committed any more capital, yet they’ve gotten more. That’s a perfect outcome.” 

– Brian Finn, investor and philanthropist



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