Identifying the right donor at the right time.

Classifying. Connecting. Moving to Action.

The right solicitation to the right donor. Exactly.

Precisely who should you solicit out of your Active or Lapsed donor files if you want to optimize your return on investment? The ExactDonor algorithms scan and index your list to target the subset of your donors who are most likely to respond today.

ExactDonor has two services tuned for specific campaign types:

  • ExactDonor Renewal: volume optimization
  • ExactDonor Lapsed: selection optimization


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The ExactDonor difference

Don’t pay for excessive, ineffective mailing volumes. Whether you’re optimizing limited-volume Lapsed Reactivation or Special Appeal solicitations, ExactDonor solves the problem of whom to solicit right now. Together with the personalized gift array values calculated through the ExactAsk A.I. service, ExactDonor reduces costs while it increases donor participation rates and the overall results of your fundraising campaigns.

Now you’ll know exactly who is most likely to give right now.

Targeted at Lapsed and Special Appeal Campaigns, ExactDonor determines precisely whom to solicit today. This technology service improves the likelihood of giving, while lowering the expense and brand damage associated with excessive solicitations.

  • Improve the likelihood of giving
  • Get the timing of the solicitation right
  • Reduce donor solicitation fatigue
  • Improve fundraising efficiency


Increase productivity in fundraising.

In 4 easy steps.


Step 1

Plan and Evaluate

Simply complete the campaign worksheet with your campaign types, cadence and volumes.

Step 2

Upload and Activate

Securely transfer your dataset and activate the ExactAsk A.I. algorithms.

Step 3

Learn and Calculate

We continuously calculate and index the donor data to target who is most likely to give today

Step 4

Optimize and Grow

We deliver. Measure. Learn and refine with continuous improvement over time.