Insights on behavior to deliver enhanced fundraising results.

Personal. Precise. Progressively better.

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Every donor has a personal level of willingness to give.

Targeting the precise ask that will increase a donor’s gift without over-reaching and driving them away. This is what ExactAsk is all about — maximizing each gift, each time, for each unique nonprofit cause, for each donor’s giving lifecycle.

The ExactAsk difference

Behavioral Economics Modeling and real-time A.I. insight mean the ExactAsk service delivers quickly and precisely even in today's fast-changing environment - predicting donor giving amounts based on what is happening right now. Nonprofits need that agility and power today more than ever.





How ExactAsk Does It

ExactAsk collects donor data from a wide variety of internal sources and enters it into a patented machine-learning algorithm. That data is then used to deliver personalized Ask Amounts for each individual donor solicitation.

ExactAsk has multiple services designed to retain donors while optimizing donor lifetime giving:

  • ExactAsk LDC: gifts $15-$500
  • ExactAsk HDC: gifts $500-$1,000
  • ExactAsk MLD: gifts $1,000-$10,000
  • ExactAsk Sustainer: monthly giving

Where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning really connect.

ExactAsk knows exactly how much to ask. Of each particular person. And it keeps learning how to produce the most relevant and effective individual gift arrays over time. So, you can do more. And deliver more good to the world.

  • Improve lifetime giving from donors
  • Sustain participation rates
  • Reactivate lapsed donors, and at newly optimized giving levels
  • Convert newly acquired donors at more optimized giving levels too

Optimize fundraising in 4 Easy Steps. Continuously.

It’s an advanced service, not a tool. You don’t have to worry about operational or security management. Whatever platform or fundraising processes you’re using, we easily adapt and deliver customized, individually optimized gift arrays for each donor. And grow your bottom line.

Step 1

Plan and Evaluate

Simply complete the campaign worksheet with your campaign types, cadence and volumes.

Step 2

Upload and Activate

Securely transfer your dataset and activate the ExactAsk A.I. algorithms.

Step 3

Learn and Calculate

We continuously and precisely formulate the best ExactAsk gift array amounts for each individual donor.

Step 4

Optimize and Grow

We deliver. Measure. Learn and refine with continuous improvement over time.