Marketing Partners

A.I. services that seamlessly integrate and augment existing marketing practices

Arjuna’s patented A.I. Services enable marketing partners to optimize fundraising costs while increasing revenue for their nonprofit clients. These services seamlessly integrate into existing direct response processes and workflows. This provides marketing partners with an opportunity to increase client fundraising ROI while differentiating their offerings.

The ultimate win-win.

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Two methods for increasing net revenue



Both agencies and nonprofits are winning together because of the compelling returns that Arjuna provides, on average delivering $3 for every $1 invested in our services. 

Marketing agencies are using Arjuna’s technology as a key differentiator to drive new revenue for nonprofits which results in client retention and increased agency revenue.

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Referral partners working with Arjuna can help their nonprofit clients raise their fundraising by an average of 12% while reducing solicitation costs 10 – 30%. Partnering with Arjuna has proven to be a successful way to drive sustainable revenue for them and their nonprofit clients.

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