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Everything you need to know to optimize lifetime donor giving.

The Mandate for Ethical & Bias-Free A.I. in Fundraising

Self-determining A.I. capabilities offer enormous promise for modernizing nonprofit fundraising. Yet the opportunity must be met with serious forethought and due diligence. The only worthwhile A.I. solution is the one that can enhance giving while also adhering to ethical guidelines. Learn more about how this mandate is changing the future of fundraising.

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Donor Lifetime Value & Relationship-Based

Year after year, nonprofits lose a substantial portion of the value of their existing donors. For the average non-profit, 80% of donor value is lost after five years. How can nonprofits continually minimize attrition rates in a meaningful way? Understanding Donor Lifetime Value enables nonprofit leaders to address this problem at the source.

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Behavioral Economic Modeling and Unsupervised Artificial Intelligence

Donor Relationship Management (DRM), Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP), and other systems help improve operational and cost efficiencies.  However, how do you materially improve donor participation rates and giving levels of individual donors?

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Improve Donor Giving in Today's COVID 19 Fundraising Environment

The global pandemic has increased demand for nonprofit services, while altering the capabilities, resources and process capacity of agencies to raise the level of funds needed to meet today’s demands.  How might you address these issues?

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