Realize the Unique Giving Potential of Each Donor

Insights into individual donor sentiment and optimal giving levels are revealed in real-time

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ExactAsk knows precisely how much to ask of each specific donor at the moment of solicitation. The service continuously learns how to determine optimal gift array values for each donor over time. 

  • Improve lifetime giving from donors
  • Sustain donor participation rates

  • Reactivate lapsed donors at newly optimized giving levels

  • Convert newly acquired donors at the ideal level of giving

  • Frees you up to do more, and deliver more good to the world.

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Targeted at Lapsed Campaigns, ExactDonor determines precisely whom to solicit today. This A.I. service impacts fundraising by improving the value of the gift from a reactivated donor, as well as lowering the expense and brand damage associated with excessive solicitations.

  • Improve the value of giving
  • Get the timing of the solicitation right
  • Reduce donor solicitation fatigue
  • Improve fundraising efficiency

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Arjuna's ExactLegacy solves your problems of selecting mid-level donors to approach for a legacy gift and optimizing the ask amount to encourage them to rise above their typical giving level and maximize their lifetime impact. 

  • Answer the question of "whom to ask for the future"
  • Leverage donor sentiment and legacy giving signals embedded in your own data

  • Utilize the power of BEM-Ai services to find mid-level donors amenable to planned giving

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