Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Individually Optimized Gift Arrays Reverse Declining Contributions in Direct Mail

“We compared the gift arrays that we’ve developed and used over time with the arrays that Arjuna was managing. We experienced almost a 22% lift in giving based on their work.”

- Monica Steigerwald, VP Development, LBBC

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Mission Impact

The additional funds raised through Arjuna’s services enabled LBBC to jumpstart a new program called Knowledge is Power, Understanding Black breast cancer. The program focused on spreading breast cancer awareness among African American women. This innovative program has already reached over 10,000 women nationally. 


Living Beyond Breast Cancer experienced an increase of $54,000 in giving by partnering with Arjuna

The adoption of Arjuna’s ExactAsk A.I. Service reversed the downward trend of LBBC’s direct response campaigns and provided a substantial increase in donations. After receiving the first round of results, Arjuna was able to clearly demonstrate a material difference in giving levels by comparing the performance of historical gift arrays with the newly optimized arrays. The personalized gift arrays from Arjuna delivered higher donations while increasing the response rate for appeals by 0.23% points.

Read the case study to discover how LBBC:

  • 22% increase in total net revenue
  • $11.89 return for every $1 invested
  • $22.64 increase in the average donation


Portrait of multiethnic female volunteers participating in breast cancer awareness at park

Taking the Guesswork out of Personalized Gift Array Values

“In 2019, we had a fundraising audit. One of the findings was that we were under-asking in our appeals, not really knowing who our audience was... We were in a rut. So if someone was giving in a particular array, that's the ask that we made year, after year, after year.”

Monica Steigerwald, VP Development, LBBC

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