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Behavioral Economics Modeling Increases Average Donation Amount by $24.56

"Arjuna offers a way to do what we’re already doing, just better. We need to focus on building relevancy and relationship with people and that’s about using data intelligence better and more consistently."

- Shannon McCracken, Board Member, Charity Navigator



Long-Term Impact

Since the case study was completed, Charity Navigator has expanded Arjuna's services into over 20 campaigns including Renewal, Active and Lapsed campaigns. To date, these A.I. services have helped raise over $500,000 for Charity Navigator. 


Charity Navigator increased the average gift per donor by 105%

By incorporating Arjuna's ExactAsk A.I. Service into their direct response campaigns, Charity Navigator increased the average gift level per donor while simultaneously increasing participation rates. By simply knowing the right amount to ask of each individual donor, Charity Navigator was able to engage with their donors at the most optimal amount and return the highest value over time from their donors.

Read the case study to discover how Charity Navigator achieved:

  • $23,410 increase in donations in warm acquisition campaigns

  • 23% increase in donor response rate

  • $24.56 increase in average donation amount



Taking the Guesswork out of Personalized Gift Array Values


"Taking on something as daunting as A.I. and saying that you’re going to apply that to your year-end fundraising was something they [Charity Navigator] were not confident they could handle alone."

- Shannon McCracken, Board Member, Charity Navigator

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