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Donation Maximization

What if you could treat every donor like a major donor?

What if you could treat every donor like a major donor?

Relationships are hard. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You know your friends like you . . . but do you know when your friends need a break from your correspondence?
  • You know you and your friends care about the same things . . . but how do you know if they are receiving the information they want?
  • You know your friends want to help you out financially . . . but are you asking for too much? Too little? Too often?

What if you had a personal relationship with 100 of your best 0-$99 (0-24month) donors? Would you ask each of them for the same amount of money? Hopefully not. Some relationship managers ask for money based on the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value of the last gift their ‘friend/s’ gave. And for many, the status quo RFM-relationship appears to be working fine.

Now consider how good your ‘friends’ would feel if they felt like you knew them — like you really “got” them — and understood their financial situation better.

Donors *want* to give. As fundraisers, it is our obligation to find the intersection between the passion our donors have for our cause and align it with their giving levels. Without that crucial piece of information, we may not be increasing response and results as well as we could for our cause.

If all your donors were Major Donors, you would know them well enough to make a highly personal — and highly appropriate — gift request. You would understand your donors competing priorities and changing circumstances that affect their giving levels. You would have insight into each donor’s giving needs because you would know your donors well enough to ask for just the right amount, without turning them off from you all together. To the contrary, because you know how and when to ask for the right amount, your relationship is strengthened. You have developed more trust with your donor because you now routinely ask for gifts that fall within the alignment of their means. Just like you could if you met in person to discuss your giving needs and their desire to help.

This is the kind of relationship you can nurture and grow with your donors when you use Arjuna.

ExactAsk AI Services

According to The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, along with the consulting firm Marts & Lundy, charitable giving in the United States is predicted to grow by 5.1 percent in 2021.

At Arjuna, we’ve taken relationship building to the next level so you can also more accurately predict your own growth. By combining Behavioral Economic Modeling with patented A.I. services that calculate uniquely personalized gift array values for each donor, your fundraising results will increase.

We know this because on average, our clients have seen their fundraising improve by approximately 12% within the first year of using Exact Ask, producing an average of at least $2.00 for every $1.00 invested.

If each of your donors were a major donor, you would gain more insight about your donor each time you met or connected. Unfortunately, time does not allow us to have lunch with all our supporters. But, even without a lunch date, ExactAsk can help you understand your donor relationships.

Arjuna’s proprietary algorithms are continuously updated in real time, because we are combining self-learning AI technologies with machine learning capabilities. Our algorithms are so successful because we know how to access and adapt outside available donor information with the giving history and campaigns your donors have responded to.

The result is that your donor feels more connected to your mission because the amount of money you ask for more accurately reflects where your donor is in that particular moment — giving you more understanding of why your donors are making the giving choices they do, each and every time you ask and they respond.

Would you like to be able to treat your donors like major donors by offering them individually personalized ask strings that reflect your understanding of their full giving commit? Please contact us today.