Arjuna Solutions Recognized as Leader in Civic Engagement

Arjuna named as one of Inc.’s “Best in Business” for 2021

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WASHINGTON D.C., December 21, 2021 – Arjuna Solutions has been named among Inc.’s "Best in Business" in the Civic Engagement Category. The company was recognized by the business magazine’s annual awards for its work on deploying behavioral economics modeling and its patented A.I. services to more deeply and sustainably, engage individual donors and increase their lifetime giving.

“We are thrilled that Inc. has recognized the positive impact that our A.I. services have made in the nonprofit sector,” said Arjuna Solutions CEO Adam Treiser. “Arjuna is proud to have materially improved fundraising capabilities, yielding an additional $77.6 million in donations. We have demonstrated the power of our A.I. services to engage donors in a highly personalized manner providing the incremental financial resources need to enable real change for our clients. We have positively affected nonprofits across a broad spectrum of services, whether they are expanding support for families, increasing access to medical care, or expanding the reach of local public media. We’re excited to see that others are now recognizing the power of our technology for good.”

Each year Inc. recognizes “the most inspiring companies,” of the past year, identifying companies that are driving change and “proving that what matters isn't only what you do in business, but also how you do it.”

About Arjuna Solutions

Arjuna Solutions deploys behavioral economic modeling and its patented A.I. services to improve fundraising at scale for leading nonprofit organizations. Its simple-to-adopt A.I. services provide material improvements in nonprofit fundraising over a lifetime of giving without changing fundraising practices, systems or requiring new hiring. Arjuna enables nonprofits to sustainably increase fundraising and advance their missions faster than existing practices.

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