Applying Behavioral Economics Modeling AI Services to Reveal New Levels of Individual Donor Insight

A Transform23 Keynote Featuring Rachel Michele and Doug Hunter

It is imperative that nonprofit fundraisers receive real-time insights into donor sentiment—especially in our current inflationary environment. Mitigating the impacts of inflation requires nonprofits to develop these insights for every level of giving, solicitation channel, campaign type, and communication form. Finding and revealing deep donor insight may sound daunting, especially for a resource-constrained organization, but it can be achieved with the optimal use of AI-driven services.

This keynote discusses tangible principles and applications of AI in nonprofit fundraising. Case studies illustrate the success numerous nonprofits have had using AI to develop insights into donor sentiment—and in return, improve giving, reduce cost-per-dollar raised, and sustain retention. Actionable insights include practical tips that ensure nonprofit fundraisers can optimize their data and processes for AI success—while avoiding technical and ethical pitfalls.




Learning Targets:

  • How AI can deepen your donor sentiment insight
  • Where to implement AI in your fundraising process
  • How to instill discipline and integrity into your fundraising data and processes
  • How to protect donor privacy and ensure that the AI does not inject bias into your fundraising
  • How to select an AI services vendor

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