Reduce Dependency on Year-End and Episodic Giving With AI Driven, Real-Time Modeling of Donor Sentiment

An Association of Christian Fundraising Webinar Featuring Michael Gorriarán

Nonprofits face increased demand for their services year-round, but cashflow from fundraising operations can be episodic, unpredictable, and delayed until year-end. Fundraisers must invest more time improving contribution levels in this challenging environment, controlling operating expenses in the face of inflation, and ensuring that cash flow from fundraising operations is both more predictable and abundant throughout the year.
This webinar will explore how fundraisers can use Behavioral Economics Modeling AI Services to accomplish these goals, boosting giving levels, retaining donors, and reducing the cost per dollar raised. 

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During the session, participants will learn how to reduce dependency on year-end and episodic giving by:
  • Focusing on Improving Monthly Net Proceeds
  • Optimizing Donor Lifetime Value
  • Personalizing Relationship Investment Decisions at Scale
  • Finding New Value in Lapsed Donor Campaigns
  • Measuring Fundraising Performance

Download the slides here

This webinar was produced with the Association of Christian Fundraisers