“5 Ways Fundraisers Can Beat the Effects of Inflation”

A webinar with Michael Gorriarán, President of Arjuna Solutions, and Amanda Cole, Editor-in-Chief of NonProfit PRO

The demand for nonprofit services is steadily increasing, widening the gap between societal needs and the resources available from government and business. This increase in demand exists against the backdrop of spiraling inflation, a looming recession, and their negative effect on giving levels and donor participation rates. Meanwhile, even though fundraisers understand the value of omnichannel fundraising, their core direct mail channel is being subjected to labor and materials cost increases of 15%-20% this year.

During this webinar, Michael Gorriarán and Amanda Cole discuss how leading nonprofits are mitigating the effects of inflation and the recession, including tools such as Behavioral Economics Modeling and advanced Artificial Intelligence Services (BEM-Ai) to improve giving levels, sustain participation rates, and lower the cost per dollar raised.

Learning outcomes and takeaways:

  1. Understanding today’s giving environment.
  2. Focusing on Improving Net Proceeds​
  3. Optimizing Donor Lifetime Value​
  4. Personalizing Relationship Investment Decisions at Scale​
  5. Finding New Value in Lapsed Donor Campaigns​
  6. Measuring Fundraising Performance

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